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"I have to give a HUGE thank you to Dee! Not only did she fit my 140k book into her busy schedule, but she was one of the most kind and professional person I have worked with. The way she works and how transparent she is about her process is refreshing. Even when she gave me my last edit she contacted me to make sure that I was happy and to discuss any questions. I have already booked her for my next book and you should too!"

Kira Stanley

"Even after my own edits and using software and my own eyes, Dee found hundreds of errors and fixed them all. Her attention to detail is incredible, her turn around time is the fastest I know of, and her personality is the best. I'm torn between wanting to shout her name from the rooftops and hoarding her ;). Highly reccommend!"

Elle Maur

"Dee edited all of my books. She’s fast, efficient, and professional. She caught so many sneaky errors. I thought I had pretty clean manuscripts, but she found so much. I will always use her going forward."

Donna Schwartze

"Dee, I owe you so much!
I was petrified handing my debut over to Dee but she made the whole process effortlessly easy. Firstly, she strengthend my book so much. When she sent me back my first edits, I was like "oh no" (there was a lot to amend lol) but then once I had gone through them all, I could see how well my story flowed. She kept it my own but just by swapping some words around in a sentence, she made it read so much better. I needed an editor that could handle my awful punctuation and grammar and Dee was that person! Also, I'm from the UK but my book is based in the US. Dee picked out a few parts in my book that didn't fit US and this is another thing I was so thankful for, as readers will always pick up on things like this!
Secondly, Dee was messaging me as she was going through the story and was making me feel so good about myself. As people will know, being a debut author is one of the scariest things but Dee was my first confidence boost and I'll always be thankful for that.
Dee still remains to be a huge confidence boost for me and still mentions my book. Her knowledge and work is great and I'll always recommend! Another thing, Dee is so easy to get along with, and such a lovely person!
Thank you so much, Dee."

PS. Black

"Dee is amazing to work with. Quick turn around and thorough feedback. Definitely recommend Dee and will be using her again in the future!"

Suki Williams

"Dee did an *amazing* job proofreading my book. Her turnaround was quick, her advice was solid, and she elevated my work. I highly recommend her!"

Amber Draeger

"Thank you so much Dee for your quick responses, support and amazing work. Really professional and helpful! Dee has gone the extra mile to help and her dedication to reading shows through in her work. Thank you Dee."

BJ Alpha

"Dee ultimately saved the day for me. I had a manuscript sent back 6 weeks late and originally hired Dee for proofing. Although 10/10 wouldn't recommend but, she put my book into her crazy busy schedule. She sent it back EARLY and was very professional in sharing the time she took to edit it. She also made amazing changes and she will be my new forever person. Aside from being a great editor, she is also just an overall kind human being. She is caring, and compassionate and wants to see you successful. I am so appreciative of Dee."

Vee Taylor

"I worked with Dee on my first contemporary book and she did an amazing job! She’s very thorough and does a great job of explaining why a change should be made. I definitely recommend her editing services and I look forward to working with her again."

Rachel Callahan

"Dee is easy to work with, communicative, and professional. Definitely recommend!"

Kris Butler

"I had only recently met Dee, but she came highly recommended. I had an urgent project and she was not only able to squeeze me in, but she did a great job with my manuscript. She was very detailed in her comments, and had even kept me apprised of her progress throughout. She also checked in on me after to make sure I was satisfied and to answer any questions I might've had. I highly recommend her, and I'm so glad to have gotten to know her."

Anise Storm

"Dee is amazing to work with! I was nervous starting work with a new editor on my sequel. But Dee made the process seamless and painless for me. Her editing was thorough and I'm so happy with the final product. She has great communication skills and I felt like I could trust her during every step. Will definitely be using her services again."

S.L. Cokeley

"Dee is amazing to work with! Super professional and fast turnaround! I will definitely be using her again<3"

Jewels Arthur

"Dee was a lifesaver! She stepped in at the last minute and proofread my book. Not only did she catch several things that I had missed, she also provided feedback which helped improve the story. She's professional and I enjoyed working with her very much - and am definitely planning on asking her to do future books."

Kayla McKinney

"I LOVE Dee! It's hard to find someone you can work and communicate with easily and Dee has that in spades. She is quick, efficient, and her work is always beautiful. I'm so lucky to work with such a amazing editor. Highly recommend!!"

Nicole Blackwood

"Dee went above and beyond when she proofread my story. She's very passionate and professional when it comes to proofreading. An absolute dream for an author. Highly recommend!"

Hattie Lou

"Dee is thorough, professional, affordable, and fast. She edited my manuscript with confidence while also being respectful of my voice, style, and story. Her communication is 5/5. Working with her was an easy and painless experience. I’m happy to have found Dee and hope to work with her again soon. Highly recommend!"

S. Ann Cole

"Dee is amazing! She looks at more than just grammar and punctuation. In one of my books, I have a scrabble scene and I just made the whole thing up. I don't play so I didn't really play the game right when I wrote it lol Dee broke out a Scrabble board and played my game to make sure it worked! And it mostly did! I just had to change 1 word and the points. But it's something I didn't put too much thought into and she took the time to make sure it worked so I wouldn't have angry readers yelling at me because I played the game wrong She's quick and thorough in her work and I'm thankful she helps me with my books."

Scarlett Philips

"Dee is amazing! She is professional, organized, and always on time. She is great at what she does and I highly recommend her services."

Quell T. Fox

"Dee was recommended to me as a proofreader by my editor and boy am I glad I scored some of her time to review my manuscript. She was fast, thorough, knowledgeable, AND terrific to work with. Highly recommend her polishing skills. She's amazing."

Vee Paxton

"Dee is amazing to work with. Every step of the process there’s been such clear communication, there’s zero stress for me because I know what’s happening and when to expect the manuscript back. I’ve had editors ghost me in the past and return my book weeks after the deadline, so I was incredibly anxious. Dee eased every single concern I had, and I cannot recommend her enough. Such thorough feedback, I’ve learnt so much and feel so confident in this book now.

Aisling Cousins

"Dee is amazing! I found her after coming across her writing tip reels and was so impressed. After signing up, I knew that she was going to edit every book in my series. She's got a ton of industry knowledge, her prices are very reasonable, she has quick turnaround times, and she does excellent work. There was terrific communication throughout the entire experience. I really appreciated that she gave both constructive criticism and positive feedback. I cannot recommend her enough. She is so committed to her craft and it shows. I feel so lucky to have found her early on. Snag your spots early because she fills up! Thank you so much Dee for helping polish and strengthen my writing!"

Sloane St. James

"Dee is incredible. She has an eagle eye for even the smallest detail. She is thorough, and most importantly, kind. I can’t say enough good things about you, Dee!"

Mila Sin

"Dee was recommended to me by a friend for my debut novel, and truthfully I was so afraid to reach out and send that first message but I had absolutely no reason to be! From the moment she first messaged me, to now where she's just finished editing my second novel, the entire process has been smooth sailing! My stories read better, my writing has become better and Dee has been the best to work it! Even when I send her random messages asking what the hell I've written and how to fix it when she's not on the clock! I cannot recommend her enough!"

Violet Paine

"Dee was so nice to work with! I had a last minute project and she fit me into her schedule. The work was efficient and she caught errors I don't know how I missed. I'll definitely be working with her again in the future!"

Jarica James

"I have used Dee for several of my projects. She is always on time with responses, and quick on her turnaround without sacrificing her attention to detail. I enjoy working with Dee and look forward to using her services again."

J. Grace

"I love working with Dee! She is quick and supportive. I never have to question if her changes are correct because they always are. I recommend her services to all of my author friends and my clients who are looking for an editor!"

Alana Ash

"I came to Dee last minute looking for help with my debut novel and I'm so glad I did. She was able to get me in and beyond helpful making sure my book is ready for release Like others have said she is an author's dream! Professional but also very friendly and super easy to work with, not to mention knowledgeable about the work she is doing. Answered any question I had and trust me, I always have a lot. Editing can be stressful so having a trusted editor/proofreader is crucial and that's exactly what Dee is! Can't wait to work together again in the future."

KB Row

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